Slip Lead in Ethiopia Yellow Design

Product Description

  • This slip lead is just over 2 inches wide and comes with a soft 4 ft nylon webbing leash.
  • The slip lead is layered with a yellow nylon webbing/leash, black, yellow, green and orange ethiopia design jacquard trim, over yellow cowhide leather.
  • The slip lead handle is also lined in leather for added comfort.


  • Slip leads are used for ASFA and AKC lure coursing events to release your hound at the “Tally Ho!”
  • Please leave me the measurements I need to make your custom Slip Lead.  I will need measurement B for the correct slip lead size.  All finished slip leads will be 1/2 inch smaller than measurement B so that the hardware does not touch.   (Example:  measurement B = 14.5 inches around the neck, the slip lead will be 14 inches in length.)


  • All Hamilton Hounds Leather Slip Leads feature high quality cowhide leather, flat nylon webbing, high quality jacquard trim, cast or welded nickel and brass hardware, and are stitched in an industry standard “Box-X” stitch pattern with bonded nylon thread for maximum safety and peace of mind.


Slip Lead in Ethiopia Yellow Design