About Us


Who we are…

Welcome to Hamilton Hounds Collars and Accessories! My name is Andrea Hamilton, I am a full-time physical therapist and do this as my side project.  My husband, Stuart, and I live in Ohio with our three Pharaoh Hounds, Titan, Sabah and Najja.


I began making my own dog collars back in 2010 to outfit my first dog, a pharaoh hound named Titan.  They always say you can never just have one pharaoh hound and then along came Sabah and Najja.  As we started becoming more active with lure coursing, straight and oval track racing, and conformation with our pups I realized there was an avenue I needed to pursue and would be good at!  It was making collars and accessories for our dogs.


With my background as a physical therapist and getting the opportunity to learn how to sew at an early age from my grandmother, I am very attuned to fit, form and function.   My primary concern is quality and durability to keep our pups safe.  We have the perfect dogs to test these out! 


We offer custom collars, custom slip leads, premade collars and racing/lure coursing blankets.  Always feel free to contact me if you are looking for something specific or want to work on designing something together for your pup!


Thanks for checking out our Hamilton Hounds site!


Andrea, Stu, Titan, Sabah and Najja