Limited Slip Hound Collar in Black , Siver and White Design

Product Description

  • Black, silver and white designed jacquard trim adorn this adjustable limited slip hound collar.
  • This collar is 2 inches wide, and is lined with black nylon webbing.
  • This trim is just over 1.5 inches wide and can be put on various colors of 2 inch webbing, or can be lined in different colors of satin.  If you are interested in any of these other variations please contact me and I will make a custom listing for you.


  • Limited slip collars prevent the dog from slipping his/her head out of the collar when fitted properly.
  • Gentle tightening action offers more control when walking than a traditional collar and will NOT choke.
  • Only two-nickel slides and a D-ring, no bulky buckle for your hound.

Inspiration for this product

  • The Hound Collar – they are not as bulky and a nice alternative to a martingale collar.


  • All Hamilton Hounds collars feature either heavy polypropylene (lined collar base) or flat nylon (unlined) webbing, cast or welded nickel and brass hardware, and are stitched in an industry standard “Box-X” stitch pattern with bonded nylon thread for maximum safety and peace of mind.


  • When measuring remember that these collars slide over the dogs head so be sure to purchase one large enough to fit over the widest part of their head.


Limited Slip Hound Collar in Black, Siver, and White Design