Leather Lurcher 1.5″ Black and Gold Fleur-de-lis

How To Design

  • You have selected your trim for your custom leather lurcher collar!
  • We typically make this collar with black leather bottom, gold trim and this Fleur-de-lis trim – if you would like different leather options please let us know in comment section.
  • Almost done….. let me know what color of hardware (Brass or Nickel)
  • Most importantly leave me the measurements I need to make your custom Leather Lurcher Collar.  I will need measurement A, B and C in the picture for the correct collar size.
  • Pricing is based of measurement B – which you will need to select when building your collar.


  • I will email you a picture with your leather choices prior to cutting any leather just to make sure you are happy with what you picked.  If you are not happy with what you picked I will photograph a few other options for you until you find exactly what you want.
  • Once I receive an email approval from you I will start making your collar.


  • All Hamilton Hounds Leather Lurcher Collars feature high quality cowhide leather, cast or welded nickel and brass hardware, solid brass or nickel over brass double cap rivets, and are stitched in an industry standard “Box-X” stitch pattern with bonded nylon thread for maximum safety and peace of mind.



Leather Lurcher 1.5″ Black and Gold Fleur-de-lis