Leather Lurcher Cream and Pewter Collar

Product Description

  • Soft cowhide leather lurcher collar.
  • The collar pictured is just over 2 inches wide at the widest part and tapers down to 1.5 inches on each side.
  • The collar is layered with a 1.5″ cream and pewter pinwheel designed jacquard trim over metallic pewter and cream cowhide leathers.


  • Leather lurcher collar are custom made for each dog. ┬áThe collars will tighten in a similar fashion to martingale collars.
  • Leave measurements for A,B,C as pictured when ordering to ensure proper fit of your collar.
  • Select your size based off of measurement B when checking out.


  • All Hamilton Hounds Leather Lurcher Collars feature high quality cowhide leather, flat nylon webbing when selected as part of the collar, cast or welded nickel and brass hardware, solid brass or nickel over brass double cap rivets, and are stitched in an industry standard “Box-X” stitch pattern with bonded nylon thread for maximum safety and peace of mind.


Leather Lurcher Cream and Pewter Collar