Miscellaneous for Humans – Gait Belts

 Product Description & Design

  • Design your own personal gait belts for use in therapy and healthcare settings.  All belts include your choice of design and name embroidered on them.
  • Gaits belts are CREAM or  NAVY and come in 54 inch and 72 inch length and only come with metal clasp (no plastic buckles).
  • Gait belts are all high quality POSEY BRAND.
  • Current available design choices are listed with a “number” beside them.
  • In Stock Designs for gait belts (pictured with number next to design) are $29 or $32 depending on length of belt you choose and include choice of embroidery name.
  • If you are interested in a different design it would be a “Special Order”; please email us at hamiltonhoundsinfo@gmail.com and if we can find what you are looking for we will order it.  “Special Order” gait belts are $44 or $49 depending on length you choose.

Ordering Instructions

  • Please leave the following information in the “Additional Comments” section:
    • What trim/ribbon you would like to use (list the number on the picture).
    • What you would like embroidered on the gait belt.
    • What color you would like to use for the name (lettering).
    • What font style you would like if you have a preference (see second picture for font choices options A-D).
    • Example: Design 25, Andrea, in green, Font C.



Custom Design Gait Belts