Lure Coursing Blankets

Product Description & Design

  • We provide handmade Lure Coursing blankets for dogs of all sizes.
  • One set of sighthound Lure Coursing blankets include 3 blankets (pink, yellow, blue).
  • Our jackets are made of two layers of material, the top is a waterproof outdoor nylon material and the bottom layer is a cotton/polyester fabric blend, and they are trimmed with white fabric bias tape.
  • The front of the blankets are fitted with elastic.
  • The bottom of the blankets attach with velcro and have two white slides to adjust the waist band, making them adaptable for different chest depths.


  • Small: Whippet, Silken
  • Medium: Pharaoh Hound, Ibizan, Greyhound
  • Large: Borzoi, Rhodesian Ridgeback, (WILL NOT FIT Irish Wolfhound)



Lure Coursing Blankets